Jae Sae Energy Co.,Ltd., has established in August 2014 but mother company Hanshang Metal Resource Inc. was built 2006 and HanShang Energy Co.,Ltd has major business portfolio in Energy, Raw material, and Metal distribution for April 2013 to July 2014. Jae Sae Energy Co.,Ltd as a new company is planning to implement the expansion of business & service, and the strengthening of Global Network. These efforts will result in the creation of new value for our customers, and I, along with all the personnel at Jae Sae Energy Co.,Ltd., will strive for the continuous relationship and joint growth for both our customers and Jae Sae Energy Co.,Ltd., I would like to thank you for the persistent interest you have shown in the past and hope for the continuous support to move forward as we plan for a long-term growth with Jae Sae Energy Co.,Ltd., The customers’ concerns are the top priority for us, and we are always open for any suggestions or comments to improve our partnership.