JaeSae Energy (주)제세에너지
We do not have the capacity to store and distribute to the local market, which is the reason why we currently facilitators for our clients/buyers to our suppliers abroad. We strive to become the leader in Crude Oil and Petroleum products, by providing quality, integrated and cost effective services to all, present and future clients/buyers inclusive of a pleasant, safe and interactive environment. We believe in employing the best personnel in the market. We strive to offer unique and professional services, forging relationships of trust with our clients/buyers and with our staff. We are passionate about what we do and how we achieve our goals. We are also committed to bringing innovative services and solutions to the market place. Our core philosophy will revolve around the ability of the management of the business to maximize product sales and thus the value of the business itself, through a clearly defined approach to increase client/buyer satisfaction levels by providing a superior value added service. The value added service by definition must extend not only to our clients/buyers base but to our suppliers and staff alike.  

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Jae Sae Energy Co.,Ltd
Hoe Sun Kim
Young Tak Lee
45(Korean 35, Chinese 5, Russian 5)
#101, Hansol building 10st 1Da-gil Bugaksan-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul 136-851, Korea
+82-2-942-1518, +82-70-8712-4171
Oil products, commodities
2014. 08. 01
Registered as a corporation.